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Cyber space across the world is changing the way we communicate and a peaceful cyber space is need of the hour. The border less cyber world needs fast and responsive collaboration among entities across the world for a peaceful cyber space. With more than 55% Internet penetration and 68% mobile penetration, we are witnessing surge of large scale cross border cyber crime, a threat to a trusted cyber space. Cyber Peace journal is an endeavor to bring multiple stakeholders discuss, share and collaborate towards a peaceful cyber space. The journal will be one of its kind compendium of activities across the world, featuring each continent in its editions. It also act as a reference for technical and policy research papers, stories to learn from and implement in communities, and will evolve with time.

Contributions to the first edition of Cyber Peace Journal are warmly welcomed. Please let us know your article ideas via [email protected]. The article will then be reviewed by the Editorial Board consisting of editors from varied stakeholders of cyberspace. The author will be informed about the review process and consulted about proposed and/or recommended amendments (minor grammatical and formatting edits excluded).

Some of the suggestive topics of interest for articles are – Cyber Security, Internet Governance, Computer Security Incident Response Teams (CSIRTs), Cyber Incident Handling, Critical Information Infrastructure Protection, Cyber Security Awareness, Critical Internet Infrastructure, Cyber-crime, Cyber Security Threat Vectors for Election System, Data protection, Privacy and Security, Cyber Weapons.

Manuscripts submitted to the Journal should be original contributions. They should not be under the consideration by another journal/magazine, nor have been published or be awaiting publication elsewhere. Translations of articles that have already been published will not be accepted. Only manuscripts in English are accepted. We strongly recommend that authors whose first language is not English to have the text professionally proofread before submitting the manuscript.

Manuscripts must be at least 700 words in length and no longer than 2100 words, including footnotes, tables etc. Articles should be submitted in Word format, font Times New Roman, 12 point. Use margins of at least 1 inch (2.5 cm). Authors should avoid footnotes if possible. If they are deemed necessary, they should be used sparingly. References should be indicated in the endnotes, which should include the author, title, year and, if available, the online source (web address).

Please take into account the following article format:

  • Title
  • Full name of Author and Professional Affiliation
  • 3-5 keywords for the article
  • Abstract (maximum 100 words)
  • Body text in paragraphs, with paragraph headings

Please also consider sending at least one illustration (photo, graph, table etc) with your article of which you must have the rights or license to use. Please include with such illustration:

  • Credits for illustrations
  • Caption
  • Photo quality at least 300 dpi

Few pointers for authors from the editor’s desk

The article should be neutral with regards to a certain government policies

  • The inferences should be based on facts in the public domain/verifiable resources
  • The tone of the blog/article should be optimistic
  • There should be no negative criticism of any form, as we want to drive a neutral narrative around a particular policy, wherein our audience should be able to understand the facts and come to a conclusion themselves.
  • Technical articles should be a little shorter around 700 words

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